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Saturday, January 31, 2015

NEPA: The Keystone of Carpatho-Rusyn American History (3): Fraternals, Newspapers, Businesses

The presentation concludes with a look at these Rusyn milestones achieved in northeastern Pennsylvania.

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Carpatho-Rusyn “Firsts” (continued)
  • Fraternal Organizations
  • Newspapers
  • Businesses
Carpatho-Rusyn “Firsts”: Fraternal Organizations

Greek Catholic Union of Russian Brotherhoods (GCU), founded 1892 in Wilkes-Barre
First Convention, Scranton, 1893
GCU Uhro-Rusyn Sts. Peter & Paul Lodge, Kingston
GCU Uhro-Rusyn Youth Brotherhood, Dunmore
Ruskij Narodnŷj Sojuz (founded 1894 in Shamokin)
Also the Little Russian National Union;
Renamed the Ukrainian National Association in 1914.
National Officers at 3rd convention in Mount Carmel, 1896
From Shamokin, Mount Carmel, Olyphant, and Pittsburgh
Russian Orthodox Catholic Mutual Aid Society (ROCMAS, founded 1895 in Wilkes-Barre)
National Officers: from Wilkes-Barre, Old Forge, Edwardsville, Catasauqua, and Philadelphia
ROCMAS Headquarters, Wilkes-Barre
ROCMAS First Convention, Wilkes-Barre, 1895
ROCMAS Women's Lodge of St. Anna, Wilkes-Barre
Russian Brotherhood Organization (RBO), founded 1900 in Mahanoy City
RBO St. Nicholas Youth Branch, Hudson

Carpatho-Rusyn “Firsts”: Newspapers

Ameryka (Shenandoah, 1886)
Amerykanskij Russkij Vistnyk (Scranton, 1892)
Svoboda (1893, moved to Shamokin and Mount Carmel 1896)
Svit (Old Forge and Wilkes-Barre, 1895)
Pravda (1902, moved to Olyphant in 1906)
Ljubov (Mayfield, 1913, served the Ruska Pravoslavna Ljubov fraternal organization founded there in the same year)

Carpatho-Rusyn “Firsts”: Businesses

Rusyn cooperative stores ("Greek Store Co.") in Shenandoah and Shamokin
Advertisement for Russian Mercantile Company cooperative store: "All wise Rusyns belong to this company and shop at their own store --  which means they support their own."
John Žinčak Smith's bank/notary and travel agency, Mahanoy City
The Hryhorij Savuljak building, Shenandoah
The Michal Boruch building, Minersville
Hoteliers: Ivan Vorhač, Mount Carmel, Ivan Madzeljan and Julij Kopystjan'skij, Shamokin
Hoteliers/restaurateurs: Seman Mytrenko, Olyphant, Symeon Kuzmyč, Mayfield, Dymytrij Kapitula, McAdoo
Butcher/grocers: Mychal Hobljak, Edwardsville, Petro Kichart, Mayfield, Andrej Kopčo, Rhone (Hanover - Nanticoke)
Grocers: Petro Bohačyk, Kulpmont, Vasyl' Sydor, Frackville, Toma Lehockŷj, Mahanoy City
Beer distributors: Ivan Harvyla, Minersville and Ivan Chyljak, Ashland; grocer Andrij Horbal', Saint Clair
Undertakers: Petro Svala (Swallow), Olyphant; Michal Jevčak (Yeosock), Plains/Edwardsville
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