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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

"Life in an Early Coal-mining Community" (Wolf Run, Ohio)

This article by Vladimir Wilchatzky of Wolf Run, Ohio, while not about Pennsylvania per se, touches on the role played by Rusyn communities in Pennsylvania. And beyond that, it is a fine example of how Rusyn immigrant community history can be made interesting by a person with deep interest in and knowledge of the topic. That's something I want to live up to.
Mr. Wilchatzky's parents were from Florynka, Grybiv County, in western Lemkovyna, and settled first in Shamokin, Northumberland County, Pa. They eventually moved to Wolf Run, as did a number of other families from Shamokin and elsewhere in Pennsylvania.

(Originally published in Pravda / The Truth, the newspaper of the Russian Brotherhood Organization, in 1991.)

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  1. I have several life insurance polices for family members that are over 20, 30 years are more old and would like to know if they can be cashed in.

  2. My husband's family may have known the author of this article. They lived a few miles from Wolf Run and attended a Russian Orthodox church in Wolf Run. Farmed and worked the mines at Wolf Run.


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