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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Then & Now (Bradenville, Westmoreland Co.)

Then and now, in Bradenville, Westmoreland County.
Specifically, Snydertown, St. Mary's Byzantine/Greek Catholic Church and Cemetery.

Then: (1932)

Now: (2016)

Also in Snydertown, in the shadow of St. Mary's Church, are two social clubs of the local Rusyn and Slovak American residents. I'm looking for information on the names of their founders, vintage photographs of the inside of the clubs or their members, etc. Please get in touch if you can help with this info.
The American Greek Catholic Beneficial Society, founded 1916.

The American Slovak Society Home, founded 1923.

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  1. Hello. I was raised in this town. The church was our pivot for most of the towns daily activities. The Slovak club was our local family pub with shuffle board and Shirley Temples. Funny how I remember the smells associated with places. This one was of whiskey, cigars and Halupki cooking in the kitchen where Baba's fed every one passing through.The scent of this church was incense, beeswax candles and the pews were dotted with the many colorful babushkas. I do not ever remember us claiming heritge to Rusyn. Only to Slovak. Czechoslovakian. The early mass was voiced in Slovak and the second mass was English. Thanks for this article.
    Diana Gulas


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